How To Install Google Analytics

Understanding who your website’s visitors are & how they interact with your content is the first step to creating great digital marketing plans.

What Is Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used web analytics services. Best of all, it is completely free to implement on your website!

Why Use Google Analytics?

  • Discover how much traffic your website receives
  • Understand who is visiting your website
  • Learn where your traffic is coming from
  • Get a good understanding of what your most popular pages are
  • Measure engagement with your content
  • Track Conversions
  • Use Google Analytics to help optimize ad campaigns

How to Set Up Google Analytics:

Follow these steps to set up a Google Analytics Property:

  • Create or sign in to a Google Analytics account
  • Set up a Property. This is where you type in your website’s URL
  • You will be given a snippet of Javascript tracking code. This code needs to be added to every page of your website immediately after the opening tag. This code contains your Google Analytics tracking ID.

How to Install Google Analytics:

If you have access to your website’s code you can be set up in a matter of minutes. Many people need the help of a developer to complete this step. If that’s the case, simply e-mail the code to them and they will be able to help you. This task has become very common for web developers.

How to Install Google Analytics in Google Tag Manager:

In order to install the Google Analytics, you will need access to your Google Tag Manager account.

  • Login to your Google Tag Manager dashboard & click Add a new tag.
  • Under Tag Configuration, select the “Google Analytics - Universal Analytics” option.
  • Select the data you want to track. Select Page View for now.
  • Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID (found above in your snippet of code provided by Google Analytics).
  • Once complete, click on the “triggering” section below tag configuration. Be sure that All Pages is selected with the Type set to Page View.
  • Click Save.

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