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Patchboard is a boutique digital marketing agency in Cincinnati. We excel at making every dollar count. Lower CPMs, Higher Conversions, Better Results.

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Brand Awareness and reach

After switching from a traditional agency,
one of our clients saw a
1,247% Increase in impressions
over a one month period of time with the same budget.

We spend a lot of time doing keyword research

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Website Traffic

One of our clients saw a
46% increase in clicks to their website
after switching from a traditional agency.

Relevant search results are all people are asking for.

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After switching from a well known digital
agency, one of our clients saw a
26% increase in conversions over a three month period of time with the same budget.

Landing Pages, Landing Pages, Landing Pages!
Let us help optimize the experience after the click.

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Our secret is simple.

We listen to you and take the time to research your industry. Then we apply our deep understanding of digital trends to make sure we are reaching your customers at various stages of their decision making process. These are a few of the methods we use...

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