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Patchboard is a boutique digital marketing agency in Cincinnati. We excel at making every dollar count. 

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Users who are retargeted to are 70% more likely to convert. Retarget users that have visited certain pages of your website or interacted with your app.

Demographic Targeting

Target users based on their location, age, gender, education, parental status, marital status, etc.

In-Market Audiences & Life Events

Target users that are actively researching a particular type of product or service based on their browsing behavior, search activity, and recent purchases.

Managed Placements

Define specific websites, apps, and videos you want your ads to appear on.

Custom Audiences

Upload a list of customers from your CRM so you can target them as they browse websites, apps, and videos.

Optimize for Impressions, Clicks, or Conversions

Determine which metrics are important to you & focus on users that are likely to click or convert.

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We pride ourselves on being able to provide state of the art technology to organizations and individuals with any budget. Don't think you can afford a beautiful responsive website or mobile app? You may be surprised. Give us a shout today & we can walk you through a few options.

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