An Introduction To Hulu Ads

90% of 13-54 year olds in the United States watch TV on a streaming platform. 3 out of 4 primarily stream, so advertising on linear TV alone isn’t going to cut it. In order to reach your audience you are going to have to adapt & begin advertising on streaming services. Hulu is certainly one of the largest ad supported streaming services, so let’s start there.

You should have a pretty good handle on your options after reading this post. You can set up campaigns for as little as $500!

Audience Targeting on Hulu

When setting up a campaign on Hulu you have quite a few options when it comes to targeting. You can target users based on the following:

  • Gender
  • Age (18-24, 25-34, 35-49, 50+)
  • Location (Zip Code, City, State, DMA)
  • Behavior
    • In-Market
    • Purchase
  • Demographics
    • Career
    • Education
    • Financial
    • Milestones
  • Interest
    • Entertainment
    • Food & Drink
    • Home
    • Lifestyle
    • Travel
  • Ownership
    • Auto
    • Home
    • Pets
  • Genres

Types of Hulu Ads

Ads can be :15’s or :30’s with a max size of 3GB. You can review the technical specifications for Hulu Ads here.

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