Rewards Program

iOS & Android

Give your fans a reason to habitually use your team or venue app by adding a custom rewards program. Fans earn rewards for engaging with your app, participating in polls and contests, and checking in at events or sponsor locations. Capture valuable fan data by integrating with your CRM.

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For Sports Teams

Our customizable rewards program was purpose built for sports teams. Don’t just launch an app. Give your fans something to engage with & reward them for it!

For Venues

Our Fan Loyalty program is a great way for venues to enhance their app & encourage fan engagement.

Engage With Your Fans

Reward your fans for participating in Polls, Contests, and entering keywords you display in venue or during a broadcast. Push timely notifications out & watch your web traffic spike in a matter of seconds!

Reward Users For Check-Ins

Rewards users for checking-in at your events or Sponsor locations. This is a great way to drive traffic to your corporate partner locations.

App Engagement

Reward users for setting an event reminder, adding an event to their calendar, or referring someone else to the program.

Sponsor Integration

Deliver foot traffic and virtual traffic to your sponsors! Reward users for checking in to their physical location, downloading a sponsor’s app, or visiting a particular page on their website.


Run contests & flash polls during your event or on the off-season. Keep fans engaged and active.


Reward fans for engaging with your app & attending your events. Let them pick up their rewards by scanning a QR code - no more shipping or confusion!

Capture Data About Your Fans

Integrate with your CRM & capture vital contact information, check-in activity, and engagement activity to know when your customer was in your venue & what they interacted with.

Push Notifications

Schedule Push notifications & point users directly to a screen in your app or any website. Target fans that are currently in your venue & alert them to promotions, special offers, or a timely alert.


Flaky WiFi? All of our apps work without a data connection, and update information at the next opportunity.

Content Management System

Easily manage your app information, users, and push notifications in real-time. Integrate with your website so that you only have to update info once!

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